Our Story

Healthcare Reloaded Institute is a cross-sector initiative aimed to facilitate best practice from healthcare to suitable industries and vice versa.

Our vision is to connect individuals and organisations who share the same goal- to discuss and reshape the future of healthcare based on out-of-box thinking and exchange with other industries and in opposite take practice from healthcare to the other industries.

Our aim is to provide a platform for open minded top level professionals to broaden their mind and learn about different sectors and to mutually benefit from each other.

Our events are designed for members to meet each other, facilitate exchange, and promote modes of cooperation.

If you and/or your organisation share a similar interests, we invite you to Join Healthcare Reloaded!

Cross sector ecosystem

Our Core Values


Cross-industry dialogue and international exchange


Advancement with technology and forward-thinking approach


Balanced solutions to improve well-being – of today, tomorrow and the future

When Innovation meets Tradition

Network & Connect

At Healthcare Reloaded, we organise insightful events for our members to network, connect, share and discuss innovative topics, ideas and business opportunities in the casual and relaxed way.

  • Foster friendship among other members
  • Discuss new trends & developments in the cross-industry ecosystem
  • Know-how exchange between healthcare and business experts
  • Identify new business opportunities and synergies between cross-sector industries

Think Outside the Box

Selected topics

  • Hospitality meets Healthcare
  • Healthcare & Space Technology
  • Real Estate planning & finances for Healthcare
  • Investment in Healthcare – what pays off?
  • Logistics & lean process management for Healthcare
  • The role of Big Data in Healthcare

Ready to Reload?

Join Healthcare Reloaded and get access to networking events that can help you meet insightful industry professionals in a pleasant atmosphere.


  • Updates & Invitions to our Events, seminars, discussion and projects
  • Opportunity to become a speaker and/or panellist on our events, strategic co-creator and topic lead
  • Opportunity to become part of the board The HEALTHCARE RELOADED INSTITUTE brand ambassador

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