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The HEALTHCARE RELOADED INSTITUTE is an international cross-sector initiative aimed to boost INSPIRATION – INNOVATION – SUSTAINABILITY in healthcare and beyond.

Mission of the Healthcare Reloaded Institute is to foster exchange of knowledge, global awareness about innovation in healthcare and other industries and to provide a platform for presentation of visions, ideas and solutions.

The leading picture of the HEALTHCARE RELOADED INSTITUTE is to serve as a high-level think-tank, with the target to:

  • build a strong platform for open minded top level professionals to broaden their mind and learn about different points of view, interact with leading peers from the healthcare sector – and leading stakeholders from other industries – to mutually benefit from each other and create added value
  • accelerate implementation of innovative models and products and contribute to the increase of overall quality, efficiency and access to care
  • promote sharing of knowledge and public awareness about modern methods, tech solutions, research and options of healthcare provision
  • generate new takeaways and solutions for individuals, organisations and for the multinational and global level – by coming up with new ideas and collaborative and integrative solutions
  • co-create positive impact on the long term future and development of the international healthcare ecosystem

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