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Vision Behind The Healthcare Reloaded Institute – part 2

In the last 15 years of my engagement in international healthcare I had the opportunity to visit and manage projects in various locations and (healthcare) systems across several continents, from early stage emerging markets – up to world‘s prime high-tech centers of excellence. Based on this broad picture, I am convinced, that in the human-centered ecosystem and healthcare provision we still can provide and offer much more than we currently do. If we’d just implement at least a fragment of all the fantastic solutions, tech and concepts which already have been invented – and move together in multidisciplinary, collaborative and global-thinking structures – we can make tremendous contribution to well-being of the people and the planet.

By founding the HEALTHCARE RELOADED INSTITUTE, I ‘d like to contribute to the acceleration of this process – and empower dialogues which go far beyond the traditional mono-industrial, mostly regional tables – to a multi-disciplinary, multi-national and creative exchange. To create an initiative, where, under the motto “stronger-together”, we can encourage implementation of innovative solutions for a better future of international healthcare. And last but not least, to create a platform, where innovative and visionary ideas have a spot light – and can be used as inspiration for further development of several industries.

I am currently in the process of identification of inspirational personalities from several countries, environments and backgrounds – from world leading universities, multinational and regional companies from various industries and governmental and public initiatives – leaders, entrepreneurs, scientists, artist, opinion-makers, founders, inventors, managers… and I am absolutely delighted by the positive feedback we‘ve already received – from such a diverse and talented group!

You are warmly invited to join us – as this will be an exceptional journey!

And feel free to recommend colleagues, friends and/or companies!


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